ZH (Zhenho Advanced Technology Development Co., Ltd.) is a team of drug research and development and marketing professionals established in 2013. We are dedicated to developing high-tech, high-quality, and high-level pharmaceutical and health food raw materials and technology development services with a focus on human health and well-being. Our commitment to Taiwan's agricultural ecological environment and resource conservation has led us to develop a range of drug and health food raw material products and technologies.

We have established various foundations for OEM production and marketing channels through patent authorization, and our R&D team works with academic research institutions to develop new products in different fields of health appeals. Our pragmatic approach to technology development has led us to focus on wound treatment and blood lipid regulation, using Taiwan's agricultural natural materials combined with biotechnology to promote human health.

We continue to invest in the research and development of functional raw materials for Taiwan's agricultural products and strive to improve our services and products' competitiveness and added value. Our goal is to contribute to the joint promotion of Taiwan's status in the global biotechnology industry.